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Mr. Right In 90 Days

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Every Woman Who Has Completed My Program Has Found Mr. Right


If you have grown frustrated trying to find a quality man in today's "hookup" culture . . .

If you are tired of liars, players, narcissists and men who can't commit . . . 

And If you are wondering why an attractive, intelligent and capable woman like you is still alone . . .

I can show you how to fix your dating fatal flaw and finally build a lasting and loving relationship with the kind of man you've been dreaming of all along.

And while I still have availability, I'll personally find help you find your dating fatal flaw and show you how to fix it ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just CLICK HERE to register for my FREE 1-On-1 Zoom Training!

After that, if you choose to work with me in depth, I'm so confident my 1-on-1 coaching program will work for you (if you are willing to follow it) that I guarantee to keep coaching you on an unlimited basis for as long as it takes until you do find your Mr. Right.

And don't worry . . . my system has even been working for women during the pandemic.

I'm Dr. Raquel, The Love Coach, and one of the few relationship coaches you will find who is also a licensed clinical psychologist

What makes my program so much more powerful than others is that I blend cutting edge behavioral science with a streamlined and simple step-by-step system that works for any woman willing to commit to it.

My 1-on-1 coaching program will:


  • identify the behavior patterns that may be standing in your way

  • clarify the kind of man you should be looking for

  • expand the avenues for finding your ideal partner

  • rewrite your online dating profiles so you attract the right kind of man for you

  • support you emotionally throughout the entire process.

And I'm so sure my program works (whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s) that I am the ONLY RELATIONSHIP COACH IN THE WORLD willing to stand behind what I do unconditionally. 


So although my program leads many to find their Mr. Right in 90 days or less, I guarantee that I will continue working with you on an unlimited basis for as long as it takes until you succeed.

​If you are at all skeptical, don't you owe it to yourself to at least register for my FREE training?




Jill B., Milwaukee, WI

I am so grateful for the chance to work with Dr. Raquel! I have learned so much about myself, including my own limiting beliefs when dating. Dr. Raquel’s approach is almost mathematical (I know that sounds weird in reference to dating, but believe me, it really works!) and now I am laser focused on the traits I want and those I must avoid in a potential partner.  Now that I better understand how I may have come off to men, it’s a wonder I ever had a boyfriend at all before.  I’m in a new relationship that is going incredibly well right now, and it’s possible he might even be my soulmate.

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