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100% Of  The Women Completing My Program  Have Found The Love They Really Want

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The Last Relationship Coach You'll Ever Need


I know that a 100% client success rate is a bold claim, but if you keep reading you'll understand what I've been doing differently than everybody else and why my clients without fail have found the love they really want.


First, because I am one of the only relationship coaches who is also a licensed clinical psychologist, I can help you discover the emotional block(s) that have been sabotaging your search for love all along.

While there is nothing wrong with "manifesting" and "visualizing" and "being positive", it is highly unlikely you will find the love you want unless you address your underlying relationship fatal flaw..

Maybe your "relationship fatal flaw" is a fundamental lack of self esteem. 


Maybe it's negative programming that began during your childhood. 


Or maybe  it's an inability to switch from the more masculine energy required for success in business to the more feminine, receptive energy a successful love relationship requires.

After identifying your relationship fatal flaw, my 1-on-1 Zoom coaching will give you specific strategies and actions to take, tailored to your unique situation – something group coaching and less in-depth coaching approaches fail to do. 


And on average, women willing to stick with my coaching regimen find the love they really want in 6-12 months. 


My email is full of stories like this:


"Dr. Raquel, I cannot begin to thank you for guiding me on the journey that ended with Daniel. I really thought I was a hopeless case and that you would end up working with me forever. I've been through a lot of therapy in my life, but working with you has been completely different. You were willing to be brutally honest and just tell me what I needed to do, but in a way that I was ready to hear. I definitely consider Daniel the love of my life, and I never would have been ready for him without you."

You can read many more client stories at the bottom of this page.


If you are a successful woman who is emotionally healthy, coachable, and motivated to alter your behavior in order to experience the love you really want, you are probably my ideal client.


And the first thing I’ll do is help you identify your relationship fatal flaw – the recurring pattern of behavior that’s been keeping you in a world of Mr. Wrongs and stopping you from finding Mr. Right.


I can accomplish that in one 30-minute session.




Working with you 1-on-1 for 30 minutes is the perfect way for us to see if we work well together.


And whether or not we do, you will end the session with a level of clarity about what’s been keeping you in a recurring pattern of Mr. Wrongs.


More important, I’ll leave you with a roadmap for finding and building a relationship with Mr. Right.


That’s my gift to you.


After that, if I believe you are coachable and motivated, I may invite you to become a client and with my help finally find the love you really want.


As you might expect, I don’t have time to offer my free training to every woman who wants one.


But if you’re ready to take the first step towards finally getting the love you really want, I hope you will click the green button below and take advantage of my free offer while I still have availability.




Jill B., Milwaukee, WI

I am so grateful for the chance to work with Dr. Raquel! I have learned so much about myself, including my own limiting beliefs when dating. Dr. Raquel’s approach is almost mathematical (I know that sounds weird in reference to dating, but believe me, it really works!) and now I am laser focused on the traits I want and those I must avoid in a potential partner.  Now that I better understand how I may have come off to men, it’s a wonder I ever had a boyfriend at all before.  I’m in a new relationship that is going incredibly well right now, and it’s possible he might even be my soulmate.

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